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Preguntas frecuentes y descripción general de la vacuna COVID-19

¿Tiene preguntas sobre la vacuna contra el coronavirus? Tenemos respuestas.

How do I get the vaccine?

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination is the most effective way to protect yourself from the virus. DeliverIt offers all three vaccinations (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) for walk-ins, no appointment necessary. We also allow for your children to receive the vaccine in order to protect them as well. The vaccine is meant to be taken as a 2-dose series. Here are some frequently asked questions about the vaccine:​

  • I received my first dose, and my second dose due date is coming up fast, what should I do?

    • Please note that it’s okay to receive your second dose a few days earlier or a few days later than your recommended time. If you are nearing your due date and find yourself worried over your second does, please note that the CDC only recommends 28 days based on the provided data. However, if it is not feasible to adhere to the recommended interval, the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines may be scheduled for administration up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose. We will do our best to acquire your second dose, but if you are able to receive it elsewhere, please do so.

  • Will I get COVID-19 from receiving my vaccine?

    • No, you will not get COVID-19 from getting a vaccine. The vaccines are designed to have your body create copies of the virus’s blueprint and do not have any form of the virus within them.

  • Do I still need to wear a mask after I receive all my doses of the vaccine?

    • Yes, you should! Until the CDC says otherwise, we are all encouraged to stop the spread by wearing masks, washing our hands frequently, and keeping our distance.

COVID-19 Update: Booster Shots and Eligibility

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Who is eligible?

According to federal guidelines, Adults 18 years or older that are fully vaccinated are recommended to receive a COVID-19 Booster shot.

  • If you have completed your primary COVID-19 vaccination series with either Pfizer or Moderna, it is recommended to get a booster at least 6 months after.

  • If you have received your primary COVID-19 vaccination with Johnson & Johnson, it is recommended to receive a booster at least 2 months after.

Although COVID-19 vaccination still remains one of the most effective ways to prevent the severe disease, recent data provided by the CDC suggest that the vaccination becomes less effective over time, especially those over the age of 65 years old. With the rise of the Omicron and other variants, it further emphasizes the importance of the vaccination, boosters, and the COVID-19 precautions listed above.

Which COVID-19 Booster Shot Should you Choose?

Many people would prefer to receive the vaccine type they had originally received as well as many others would prefer to get a different vaccine's booster. The CDC's recommendation now allows for the mixing and matching of doses for boosters.

For example, if you initially received two Pfizer doses for your vaccine you are able to get a Moderna booster. On the other hand, if you got two Pfizer doses you may also get a Pfizer booster shot if you choose.

You can choose your choice of a booster at the both DeliverIt Pharmacy locations, now accepting walk-ins.

Get tested!

  • If you think you or someone you might know is infected with COVID-19, please try to get tested as soon as possible. DeliverIt Pharmacy offers three types of testing and supplies to help you keep your home as clean as possible.

Para obtener más información sobre los esfuerzos de vacunación contra COVID-19, visite el sitio COVID-19 del Centro para el Control de Enfermedades.
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Information & Testing

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