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Traveling? How the Yellow Fever Epidemic in the South Americas May Affect You.

Yellow Fever virus is found in tropical and subtropical areas of Africa and South America. The virus spreads to people through the bite of an infected mosquito. Although yellow fever may be a rare cause of illness in U.S. travelers, South Americas are facing an epidemic requiring travelers stopping by, traveling to, or leaving from South America to be vaccinated.

Image by Douglas Lopez

As the world is slowly but surely trying to return to a point of normalcy, travel restrictions are being lifted and countries are preparing to reopen, however, certain countries in the South America region are enforcing a decade-old vaccination mandate.

Recently, it has been announced by Paraguay's authorities that a proof of immunization against yellow fever would be required for travelers arriving from or leaving for Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela as these countries have been reporting new Yellow fever cases throughout 2021.

Additionally, yellow fever vaccinations are to be required to visit Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Jamaica. This requirement applies to everyone from the age of 1 to 59 who have been traveling in these areas. The General Directorate of Migrations said in a statement that those "without the yellow fever vaccination certificate, nationals and foreign residents will not be able to travel to these destinations, and non-residents foreigners from these risk areas will not be able to enter the national territory."

It is also said that those without a yellow fever vaccination card must go through sanitary controls for ten days from their entry. Those who are traveling outbound will be banned from leaving the country. However, travelers who must make a layover at any risk areas will not be required to have the vaccination certificate.

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